Catholic School Council

The Catholic School Council is an advisory body whose mission is to enhance the education of our children in a faith-centered environment in partnership with the school, parish, community and home.

Mikhaila Jackson, Chair

Kristie Sochor, Co-Treasurer

Antonella Catalanotto, Co-Treasurer

Erin Brimble, Secretary

Jackie MacVarish-Connell, Voting Member

Deborah Cook, Voting Member

Nadia Libarian, Voting Member

Tracey Pugliese, Voting Member

Julie Stewart, Voting Member

Sylvie Girard, Voting Member

Connie Consiglio, Parent Representative

Jen Leclair, Parent Representative

Basia West, Parent Representative

Julie Rice, Parent Representative

Andrea Rumgay, Parent Representative

Antonella Koutlemanis, Parent Representative

Wendy Clarke, Parent Representative

Christine Mannello, Parent Representative

Erin Brook, Parent Representative

Nadia Baldissera, Teaching Staff Representative

Lisa Hlady-Seagrove, Non-Teaching Staff Representative

Katera Mahussier, Community Representative

Michael Ball, Principal

Sandra Hopkins, Office Administrator