Hot Lunch (Including Pizza) and Milk Orders Are Now On-Line!

Starting January, 2020, all hot lunches (including Pizza on Wednesdays) can conveniently be ordered through Lunchbox Orders.

• Visit to order.

• You must place your child’s order by Sunday at noon for each
week’s orders. You can also bulk order a month or more at a time
(similar to our pizza ordering in the past).

• In the event of an Inclement Weather day (snow day), you will
receive a credit on your Lunchbox account that can be used for the
following week.

Milk is back and can be purchased for $1.25 on any ordering day!

• Pizza is $2.50 / slice. Options are cheese, pepperoni, gluten free.

• There will NO LONGER be an option to purchase extra pizza on
pizza delivery days – please be sure to order pizza in advance.

For a copy of the flyer click HERE