Celebrating Courage: A Canadian Hero, Terry Fox

What better way to celebrate our September Catholic Virtue of Courage than to celebrate Terry Fox and support his foundation for cancer research!
Prince of Peace will be marking this special event and this remarkable hero with a Run/Walk on Tuesday, September 29th. Wednesday, September 30th will be the rain date.

Our students will complete the run/walk around the school yard in their cohorts at various points through the day. 40 years ago, Terry Fox started this movement that continues to grow strong in the hearts of Canadians each year. This year is no exception. Although it will look different, the goal remains the same: to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. Normally we have a “Toonies for Terry” event but this year we are asking that if you wish to donate to please do so on-line only. If we manage to reach our school goal of over $500.00 each class will earn a Movie period! You can click the link to access the Prince of Peace donation site or visit the Terry Fox Canada website and follow the links to our school.

Any donation of $20.00 or more is entitled to an automatic income tax receipt and cheques are to be made payable to the Terry Fox Foundation.  Please ensure that an address is included.

To donate online, please visit the Prince of Prince of Peace site at:  Http://www.terryfox.ca/PrinceofPeaceCSKeswick  to sponsor our school.  Click on DONATE NOW and follow the prompts

Walk Details:

Kindergarten:  1 lap around schoolyard/field

Grade 1:  2 laps around schoolyard/field

Grade 2-3:  3 laps around the schoolyard/field

Grade 4-6:  5 laps around the schoolyard/field

Terry’s passion led him to run the most memorable marathon in history and we continue to be inspired by his extraordinary determination to help others.  Thank you for your support and cooperation and for continuing to work hard so that Terry’s dream of finding a cure for cancer will become a reality.

***Somewhere the Hurting Must Stop***