October 31st is our Halloween Spooktacular!

On Monday, October 31st, Prince of Peace CES will be celebrating our Halloween Spooktacular!   We expect a day of fun and festivities with costumes and cool dance moves!.  

Classes will be celebrating in their classrooms and will also be dancing in the gym to some fun music.Students are welcome to bring treats for the day to share with their classmates, provided they are not home made, are peanut free, and are individually wrapped.

Also, to keep all of the students safe and happy during our Hallowe’en celebration, we ask you to keep the following in mind as you put together costumes for the day: 


Weapons as Part of Costumes are NOT permitted: Wearing Replica Weapons presents a possible compromise to the safety and well-being of staff and students.. Costume weapons should not be part of your child’s costume for the day.


Culture is NOT Costume: Children are asked to refrain from using costumes that represent a cultural group or ethnicity. (e.g. First Nations, Chinese, Arabic, etc.) 


Masks as Part of a Costume are Discouraged (Excluding PPE): Wearing masks during the school day can compromise the safety of the community. We should always be identifiable in our community to avoid unwelcome guests.


Fear and Evil: Be aware that Ghoulish costumes can terrify younger children, children with special needs, or children with phobias.


Be Trauma Sensitive: There may be members of our communities who have traumas that can be triggered by certain costumes. (Blood, Hanging, etc)


Awareness of Costume Appropriateness is Important:  Costumes that are not appropriate to the moral tone of our Catholic Schools are not permitted.


When in Doubt, Think Saint: Hallowe’en precedes All Soul’s and All Saint’s Days. Encourage children to dress as saints and religious figures.