POP SPIRIT WEEK: Nov 21-24 Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

The week of November 21st to 25th has been designated as Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week.

As a part of this important awareness week, POP will be having a Spirit Week.  The Spirit Days are as follows:

Monday, November 21st – Hat Day “Put a Lid on Bullying” – wear your favourite Hat.

Tuesday, November 22nd – “Sock it to Bullying” – wear mismatched or colourful socks

Wednesday, November 23rd – Dress in Pink – Pink is the colour of anti-bullying awareness

Thursday, November 24th – Backwards Day – wear your favourite clothing, only backwards, to symbolize that bullying is not the way to move forward

Friday, November 25th – Pajama Day “Put Bullying to Rest” and stay comfortable all day in your favourite Pajamas!