Important Bussing Reminders

During the summer months, school bus routes are reviewed and updated. Please check the “Find Your Bus Stop” on the STSYR website after August 20, 2023 to confirm your child’s transportation for September.

  • During the first two weeks of school, students should arrive at their bus stop 10 minutes early.  After this, students are asked to arrive 5 minutes early as each bus route develops its regular routine and service times.  Please expect delays the first few weeks of school while drivers familiarize themselves with the routes.
  • On the first day of school, Jk – Grade 3 bus students will be given a bus tag to hang on their backpacks.  The tag will be labelled with their afternoon bus information.
  • If your child qualifies for bussing but will not be taking the bus to and from school, kindly notify the teacher in writing on the first day of school.